“Zatoun is Palestine in a bottle”

Fair Trade Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Soap

The Cost of a $15 Bottle of Zatoun Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Below is the cost breakdown for the 2007 order, our largest to date and the most economically efficient by far.

  • 25% direct to farmers
  • 50% direct cost to Palestinians
  • 63% contributed to Palestinians (with donation)
  • 80% or $12.00 returned to Palestine (with future purchase fund)
  • only 20% or $3.00 non-Palestine / non-oil operating cost
  • 0% administration - costs are covered by separate donations to Zatoun

Breakdown of Zatoun Olive Oil @ $15 Bottle

Breakdown of Zatoun Olive Oil @ $15 Bottle.

Summer 2007

"Wholesale discount" is the total cost of discount to retailers; i.e. Zatoun receives $14.15 per bottle over entire annual order
"Future Purchase Fund" is the portion held to enable future oil purchases, Zatoun needs to self-fund its growth
"Shipping, etc." includes cost of bringing oil to North America AND also cost of shipping to customers. Zatoun subsidizes shipping to continental extremities to ensure affordability.

Even if you are at war with a city...you must not destroy its trees for the tree of the fields is man's life.

Deut. 20: 19-20

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