“Zatoun is Palestine in a bottle”

Fair Trade Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Soap

Autumn 2006

We hope summer had its attractions and rewards for you and your family. It has been both a long and short summer at the same time. For many, the summer was sucked away by the destruction in Gaza and Lebanon.  It makes our actions with and through Zatoun all the more important and relevant.

Let us hope more people will be more open than ever to Zatoun's message.

For now, we can only keep going and make Zatoun the best we can and we are getting there - sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly - but getting there nonetheless with your continued support and help.

As always, ORDER NOW! Also, lots and lots of newness (click on headings below):

Online payment - you asked for it

A welcome addition for all.  Many supporters wanted the convenience of making payment online.  For Zatoun it is great as well as it provides us with much needed cash and even helps reduce our administrative load (collecting mail, recording details, making bank deposits, etc). Please visit our order form for the Paypal option.  Paypal is easy and secure.

"Trees for Life" - in French -  "Vive les oliviers !"

The program has attracted interest and donations from far and wide.  Already we have received over $5,000 (from as far away as California). We are on track to contribute over $20,000 from Zatoun directly to the world-wide project.   One dollar of each bottle is automatically donated to Trees for Life.  Your direct donation to the program is also accepted.  We now have easy online donation via Paypal (click here to donate).

HELP! Looking for supporters to guarantee a loan!

We have attracted a sizable loan from a Toronto-based foundation to help with the purchase of our next order in December.  We need individuals and organizations supporters to act as guarantors for the loan.  There is no cash outlay just your commitment to guarantee repayment for a stated, fixed amount.  You would sign a single-page agreement.  Please email us if you are able to act as guarantor.  Already we have guarantees for $30,000 and need $25,000 more.  For more info.

"Zatounie" Investment Plan Launch  (rhymes with Loonie)

Zatounie means "My Zatoun" - now supporters have another way to engage and participate in Zatoun.  It is a grassroots program to extend financial assistance to our cashflow challenges.  The program is easy and simple: each "Zatounie" is worth $100 (100 loonies). Invest in as many Zatounie as you wish. They can be cashed out in future within short notice.  For more details, please see the brief prospectus.

Express yourself in poetry - "If olive trees ..."

There is talent and emotion among our supporters and Zatoun want you to express yourself. Please submit a poem which begins with the following first line: "If olive trees could speak".  Entires can be emailed to info@zatoun.com and will be published (anonymously, if you wish) on our website.

Be your own media star

Zatoun needs exposure in local media.  As our supporters live across the country and even the continent - please look for opportunities to talk about what we do on local radio, print or cable. Look out for festival fairs and fair trade forums.  Help spread the goodness of Zatoun to your family, friends, neighbours and fellows.

Visit the Holy Land during harvest time (November 4 to 18)

American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) has an established program leading delegations from North America to Palestine - Israel to take part in the olive harvest and experience first-hand the Palestinian culture.  AFSC is one of Zatoun's greatest supporters in the US.  For more information and registration, please visit.

Zatoun welcomes new supporters from across North America

Zatoun is attracting more and more supporters from across the continent especially from the US. People like our programs and way of working. Please keep Zatoun close to your hearts when speaking or visiting family or friends.  They will be glad you shared it with them.


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Even if you are at war with a city...you must not destroy its trees for the tree of the fields is man's life.

Deut. 20: 19-20

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