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“Even if I knew the world would come to an end tomorrow, I would go into the garden and plant an olive tree. Unless we plant now, there will be no shade for our children, no oil to heal the wounds, no olive branches to wave for peace when it comes.”

 Father Mitri Raheb, Lutheran pastor in Bethlehem

Help Zatoun by making a donation

Please consider making a free-will donation to Zatoun in any amount.

Zatoun was created to be self-supporting activist project by generating a surplus from sales to cover its operating expenses and for additional giving. It was intended to be free from precarity and the constant need for fundraising which can be huge drain on time, effort and goodwill.  That being said Zatoun is not immune to cost pressures while striving to stay sustainable. 

It often happens that people want to make a straight donation as an expression of support for the work of Zatoun.  They believe it is important, they stand behind Zatoun principles and way of working.  We welcome and are grateful for this additional income and support.

This donation is different from the “Sustain Zatoun” program as it is not a “top-up” of an order. It is more traditional way of giving at any time, in any amount.

Personalized certificates are issued to acknowledge the donation.  Donations can be made in the name of another person and a certificate is issued to acknowledge the gift.  When making your donation, please indicate special instructions of the name of the person to be named in the certificate.

Your support is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for helping to keep Zatoun viable and active.

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Zatoun is grateful for your additional generous support.

Zatoun is a non-profit without charitable status and cannot issue tax-deductible receipts.

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