“Zatoun is Palestine in a bottle”

Fair Trade Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Soap

For Canada & US Orders
Zatoun Products for 2018

Olive Oil (12 bottles@750mL)     $210 no shipping  / $240 shipping CAD & US
Organic Olive Oil (12 bottles @500mL)     $160 no shipping  / $190 shipping CAD & US
Za'atar (thyme herb mix-150g) $  5 FREE shipping *
PURE Soap - 100% Olive Oil (1 bar) $  4 FREE shipping * 
Soap Collection - 4 bars box               Sorry, permanently out-of-stock
Sponsor Planting - 3 olive trees $ 20 Personalized Certificate emailed

* Note: Non-oil items ship FREE when ordered with olive oil 
Prices in CAD/USD dollars

Payment options: Checks preferred, credit card available, & bank e-transfer (Canada only)

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Olive Oil Case 750ml: @ $210 no shipping / $240 shipping CAD & US (48 states)
Organic Olive Oil Case 500ml: @ $160 no shipping / $190 shipping CAD & US (48 states)
 Za'atar: @   $5 CAD/USD Shipping extra (unless ordered with olive oil)
Olive Oil Soap Bars: @   $4 CAD/USD Shipping extra (unless ordered with olive oil); 

3 Olive Trees:
@ $20 CAD/USD (multiples of 3 olive tree saplings for $20)

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I will mail a check for the Total (cost + shipping)
I will make an e-transfer using online banking from most any Canadian bank or credit union directed to email address: "info@zatoun.com."  Sorry, not an option for US orders..
Email me a secure invoice via PayPal to be paid ONLINE using VISA, or MasterCard or other credit cards (easy and secure).     ** I accept the FEE ASSISTANCE charge of 3% (rounded to lowest dollar) will be added to the total to help Zatoun defray credit card fees. **



Even if you are at war with a city...you must not destroy its trees for the tree of the fields is man's life.

Deut. 20: 19-20

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