“Zatoun is Palestine in a bottle”

Fair Trade Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Soap

For Canada & US Orders
Zatoun Products for 2017

Olive Oil (12 bottles@750mL)     $210 no shipping  / $240 shipping CAD & US
Organic Olive Oil (12 bottles @500mL)     $160 no shipping  / $190 shipping CAD & US
Za'atar (thyme herb mix-150g)
$  5 FREE shipping *
PURE Soap - 100% Olive Oil (1 bar)
$  4 FREE shipping * 
Soap Collection - 4 bars box            
  Sorry, permanently out-of-stock
Sponsor Planting - 3 olive trees
$ 20 Personalized Certificate emailed

* Note: Non-oil items ship FREE when ordered with olive oil 
Prices in CAD/USD dollars

Payment options: Checks preferred, credit card available, & bank e-transfer (Canada only)

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Olive Oil Case 750ml: @ $210 no shipping / $240 shipping CAD & US (48 states)
Organic Olive Oil Case 500ml: @ $160 no shipping / $190 shipping CAD & US (48 states)
 Za'atar: @   $5 CAD/USD Shipping extra (unless ordered with olive oil)
Olive Oil Soap Bars: @   $4 CAD/USD Shipping extra (unless ordered with olive oil); 

  For United Church of Canada Congregations
Payment Terms are easy -  either entire amount or 50% now and remaining before Dec-31.
Advent Peace Box
@ $125 (5 large bottles olive oil, 2 bags Za’atar, 2 bars soap) FREE shipping
Advent Peace Box
@ $240 (10 large bottles olive oil, 4 bags Za’atar, 4 bars soap) FREE shipping

3 Olive Trees:
@ $20 CAD/USD (multiples of 3 olive tree saplings for $20)
Sustain Zatoun
Voluntary Top-Up:
suggest $20 CAD/USD or any amount you wish (please enter $ figure)

   Zatoun prices have been unchanged since 2008 - our commitment to keeping "Made in Palestine" products affordable and accessible to the grassroots community.  After 10 years of cost increases to the raw products themselves, the supporting services (transport, postage, storage, HST, currency exchange, etc.) Zatoun is asking for help.. 
   "Top-Up" is entirely voluntary. If you are able and wish to recognize Zatoun's spirit of giving and keep it sustainable - then make a voluntary Top-Up to Sustain Zatoun
   We suggest $20 per case (equivalent of one bottle) but it can also be in any amount. Your "Top-Up" amount can be added to the purchase via check, e-transfer, credit card or cash.  Your consideration is most appreciated.

* If you are a returning supporter and your address has NOT changed since the last  order, then no need to enter full address details - just name and email.
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Payment Method
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I will mail a check for the Total (cost + shipping)
I will make an e-transfer using online banking from most any Canadian bank or credit union directed to email address: "info@zatoun.com."  Sorry, not an option for US orders..
Email me a secure invoice via PayPal to be paid ONLINE using VISA, or MasterCard or other credit cards (easy and secure).     ** I accept the FEE ASSISTANCE charge of 3% (rounded to lowest dollar) will be added to the total to help Zatoun defray credit card fees. **



Even if you are at war with a city...you must not destroy its trees for the tree of the fields is man's life.

Deut. 20: 19-20

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