“Zatoun is Palestine in a bottle”

Fair Trade Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Soap

Spring 2008

2008 Launch
New & Newer

"Zatoun is Palestine in a bottle."

Dear friends and supporters of Zatoun,

A milestone! Zatoun enters its 5th year with the new shipment just arrived. Many lessons, trials and some triumphs later Zatoun is strong and looking to make more supporters and friends with old and new offerings.

Zatoun, fair trade olive oil from Palestine is solidarity work but it is also a taste revolution. We like to say "people buy Zatoun the first time for solidarity but come back because they love it." We hope you keep coming back and bring your friends and relations.

As the world turns on its many challenges, Zatoun is along for the ride. As such, we regret that we have had to increase our base price to $18 from $15 per bottle. However, we have also tried to keep the prices as affordable and equitable as possible. Therefore no one is charged greater than $20 per bottle (this includes cost of shipping).

First the full story, Zatoun has faced huge pressure which has seen 40% increase in our cost due to:

  • devalued USD (fell minimum 25% against shekel),
  • the oil we import is now priced in EURO which keeps appreciating against USD & CDN,
  • 2007 olive harvest was one of the poorest due to drought almost half of farmers form PFTA had no extra virgin oil to sell into the export pool
  • and finally shipping costs all around continue to increase.

At the same time, Zatoun is totally committed to keeping our oil as affordable as possible. Our price increase is less than 20%:

  • $18 per bottle is the "grassroots" or base price
  • $210 case price or $17.50 per bottle (where no UPS shipping is required)
  • $240 or $20 per bottle fixed price including UPS shipping as required - anywhere in Canada & US (excluding AK & HI)

NEW Za'atar - Get Inspired by thyme herb mix

Discover the inspiring zing of za'atar. It is a natural companion to Zatoun olive oil. Za'atar is easy to use for dipping, instant salad dressing and marinades. Use it anywhere a fresh, herb taste is needed. Zatoun za'atar is made by women's cooperative in Jenin area suing thyme picked wild from hillsides of Palestine, mixed with sumac for lemony, tart zing (sesame seed and salt added). Each bag contains 150 g and sells for $5. See Toronto Star article on za'atar.

NEW Documentary about Zatoun on CD

The 4-part audio documentary about Zatoun is available as downloadable mp3 files on the website, however many people want the documentary on CD for CD players in cars or home or to give to others. Can be ordered using the order form (postal shipping is free).

The documentary is a great opener for a discussion or meeting about Palestine, Israel and solidarity. Free to copy and distribute.

NEW - Lower Price! Soap Collection for $15 (4 special bars - fundraising for Project Hope)

An amazing collection of 4 soaps from Nablus - ancestral home of soap making - pure olive oil from Palestine is used and mixed 20% by weight with honey, goat's milk, lemon and mud from the Dead Sea to give you a gift collection of 4 unique and exquisite soap for you and your gift-giving. The project was launched by Zatoun as a fundraising venture for Project Hope. Zatoun donates $5 for each box sold to Project Hope for its programs in Nablus. Visit the soap collection page.

NEW Configuration! Trees for Life Sponsorship

Zatoun continues its support for Trees for Life: Planting Peace in Palestine. In its first year, the sponsorship program was very successful and raising over $3,000 for Trees for Life. Total forwarded by Zatoun for the past planting season was $25,870 USD. For 2008, you can purchase a sponsorship of 4 olive tree saplings for $20. You can buy as many sponsorships as you wish (multiples of 4 trees). Please visit the Trees for Life Sponsorship page.

MORE Hand Embroidered gift bags (and bookmarks, etc...) from Gaza

The embroidered bags were such a huge hit — sold out within a week around Christmas time that we had to get them back.  The bags are from Gaza and produced by Atfaluna (Arabic for our children), an educational, training and care institution for deaf children and adults.  Zatoun returns all proceeds to Atfaluna to assist with its mission and programs.  Please visit the Atfaluna site for more information.

IMPROVED Order Process & Simplified Shipping & Online Payment

Please visit the order page which will take you to ONE consolidated order form. For the sake of simplicity and clarity (yours and ours) we have ONE price per case (12 bottles) regardless of shipping address. When UPS shipping is required, the cost is $240 per case. Zatoun is subsidizing shipping costs to rural and extreme locations in North America because it is important that Zatoun be as affordable as possible.

ALL products are shipped FREE when ordered at same time as olive oil.

Also, our online payment system involves emailing electronic invoices for payment via credit card through PayPal's gateway site.  You do not have to be a PayPal member or have an account.  Pay securely online with all major credit cards.

** Always needed ** HELP! Volunteer Help - New Section on Website

We need help from volunteers.  Please see a list of the many varied and wonderful ways you can help Zatoun.  Please visit to see what appeals to your sensitivities and talents.  There is bound to be something for you — let's talk about it.

Thank you so much, we look forward to your support and great success in 2008.


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Even if you are at war with a city...you must not destroy its trees for the tree of the fields is man's life.

Deut. 20: 19-20

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