Plant 7,500 olive trees in Palestine
$153,000 contributed since 2005

The "Trees for Life: Planting Peace in Palestine" program provides individual Palestinian farmers with new olive tree saplings (3 years old) to plant and nurture in order to renew their decimated groves. The project helps offset the enormous destruction of olive trees by the Israeli army, settlers and the illegal Annexation Wall. It also helps starter and women farmers.

Olive growers in the regions of Jenin, Nablus and Salfit receive 25 to 50 olive tree saplings each. The program was designed to keep costs down to a minimum. After 8 planting seasons of experience, the cost per tree sapling has unfortunately been increasing over time.  The two greatest factors are cost of saplings from nurseries and most significantly the cost of getting water to the trees  to help ensure survival in the all-important first year. 

Originally launched in late 2005, the Trees for Life program was conceived by Zatoun-Canada to share with partners around the world has been met with enthusiastic support. With the help of PFTA (Palestine Fair Trade Association) on the ground in Palestine, the program was designed to ensure an equitable and efficient program providing maximum benefit to farming families who need it the most.

PFTA representatives deliver and help distribute the olive saplings and ensure prompt planting. They also visit all participant farmers after planting to ensure proper care of the trees and assess watering needs for the summer months. Farmers requiring assistance to water trees during summer will be assisted by PFTA.

The program helps connect Palestinian fair trade farmers and producers to the grassroots fair trade movement in Europe and North America in a meaningful way. The Trees for Life project is solely funded by grassroots movements abroad and invested in the fair trade movement in Palestine.

“Planting Peace in Palestine” is not merely a subheading. It is a statement of our sincere belief that Palestine must be a viable economic entity and its people must have the means to earning a livelihood if there is to be a just peace.


For 2013, the world-wide goal for Trees for Life is to raise $50,000 to enable the planting of 7,500 olive tree saplings in approximately 500 farms distributed over 25 agricultural areas across Palestine.

Zatoun in Canada has contributed over $153,000 across six  planting seasons. This is a combination of contributions from proceeds of Zatoun olive oil sales and direct donations / sponsorships received from individuals across North America as well as organizations such as US Committee to End the Occupation, American Friends Service Committee, Ten Thousand Villages in Canada and a number of faith groups.


To Make a Donation


In a recent survey of Zatoun supporters (203 responders), a heartening 75% indicated they were likely or very likely to donate to Trees for Life. Please join them in your intention and actions.

Thousands of olive tree sapling will be planted in Palestine
every year in late-January through


Recipient Selection

Farmers interested in participating in the project apply through PFTA coordinators. Allocations are granted based on the following criteria which the applicant must meet:

  • be a certified member of the Palestine Fair Trade Association program for the production of olive oil. If a new farmer, applicant must demonstrate readiness to become fair trade certified and be willing to implement fair trade guidelines;

  • own a land suitable for the number of trees applied for;

  • demonstrate capacity to care for and nurture trees;

  • be ready to prepare land for a collective tree plantation day. All trees must be planted day delivered. PFTA Representatives will deliver and distribute the trees and ensure prompt planting. 

 Priority will be given to the following applicants:

  • Farmers that have lost trees to the Israeli destruction and uprooting;

  • Small farmers;

  • Women that own their land and are interested in farming;

  • Young starter farmers that have inherited or acquired land.



Making a Donation to Trees for Life

Mail your cheque to Zatoun

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9251-8 Yonge Street, Suite 142

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The olive farmers of Palestine thank you for your support!

Zatoun is a non-profit organization and does not have charitable, tax-deductible status


We need partners in Canada, Europe and the US to help fund this project.

 With your interest and efforts, we'll plant 7,500 trees together.


Even if you are at war with a city...you must not destroy its trees for the tree of the fields is man's life.

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