100% Olive Oil Soap

100% Olive Oil Soap


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100% Olive Oil Soap

100g bar

100% Olive Oil Soap – Handmade Naturally in Palestine. Each bar is $5. No chemicals or preservatives, traditional cold process method. Scent-free.  Free shipping only when ordered with case of olive oil, otherwise shipping costs apply.


This much-loved Palestinian olive oil soap feels like silk on the skin!  Zatoun’s pure 100% olive oil soap is unique and has an enormous following among people with sensitive or problem skin conditions including people with severe chemical or environmental sensitivity who say this is the only soap they can use. It is entirely free of scents and chemicals.

Most modern soap is made in factory environments using at least three oils: olive oil for cleansing and softening, coconut for quick hardening and palm oil for making suds.  Not to mention the enormous range of chemicals and preservatives and artificial or natural fragrances. Zatoun 100% olive oil contains none of these and provides total softening and cleansing.  Because there are no suds to disappear down the sink, it also lasts a lot longer. Customers who have tried Palestinian soap from Zatoun are hooked and keep demanding more.

Soapmaking in Palestine goes back over 1200 years. Modern soapmaking is a descendent of Arabian soaps first made in Palestine and in Iraqi cities beginning in the 7th century. The soap was produced with vegetable oils such as olive oil or aromatic oils such as thyme oil. Sodium lye or ash soda a product of burning saltwater plants was added as a saponification agent for the first time. This is largely the same formula used in making soap sold in stores today. Historically, soap making has been one of the key industries in Nablus. Its soap was famous and exported all over the East and into the eastern Mediterranean.


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Available in increments of $10.  Suggested amount is $20 (the equivalent of one bottle).

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Thank you for loving Zatoun's 100% olive oil soap.  Please note that shipping costs apply ($12-$18) when ordered without a case of olive oil.

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