“Zatoun is Palestine in a bottle”

Fair Trade Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Soap

Autumn 2007

Hope & Promise
of Autumn

"Zatoun is Palestine in a bottle."

Dear friends and supporters of Zatoun,

Here we are about to enter our 4th autumn - traditionally our strongest season by far. The first year we only received the bottles in mid-December and in a panic - fearful that we had missed the holiday season. Yet miraculously we managed to sell most of the bottles by February. This year we are well stocked and have been ready since August. For this coming season, Zatoun has boldly committed to more oil than we had sold in 3 previous years in the hope and expectation that we are ready for our "breakthrough" season.

All we need now is your enthusiasm, your active endorsement to your network, and finally your orders.

Below is the important and interesting "details" — some of which you may have seen (our mailing list grows daily).

One last and wonderful note before you get to the items below:

At a recent work party, a volunteer remarked "Zatoun brings together great people"
— If you feel that way too, then Zatoun has succeeded in the most important measure of all.


26,000 + 24 ,000 in 2007

Incredible how Zatoun has grown with your help and support. From tiny beginnings exactly 3 years ago with only 1,500 bottles - Zatoun is looking to sell 26,000 bottles of olive oil and 24,000 bars of olive oil soap in 2007.  These nice round numbers will contribute over $350,000 to Palestinian growers, workers and activist projects.

"Zatoun Olive Oil is Certified Fair Trade"

Yes you can say it!  Fair trade certification has finally arrived! This order is Certified Fair Trade by IMO from Switzerland.  After waiting for the Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO) to develop standards for olive oil - PFTA / Canaan proceed with IMO to make it happen.  To learn more about IMO please visit imo.ch

Soap Collection - 4 special bars - fundraising for Project Hope

An amazing collection of 4 soaps from Nablus - ancestral home of soap making - pure olive oil from Palestine is used and mixed 20% by weight with honey, goat's milk, lemon and mud from the Dead Sea to give you a gift collection of 4 unique and exquisite soap for you and your gift-giving.  The project was launched by Zatoun as a fundraising venture for Project Hope.  Zatoun will donate $5 for each box sold to Project Hope for its programs in Nablus.  Visit the soap collection page.

New Trees for Life Sponsorship

In the same way, Zatoun wants to create an easy and more direct way to support Trees for Life: Planting Peace in Palestine.  Zatoun will continue to direct a portion of proceeds to the program but wants to make it possible to sponsor trees directly - now you can purchase a sponsorship of 5 olive tree saplings to be planted for $20. You can buy as many sponsorships in multiples of 5 trees.  Please visit the Trees for Life Sponsorship page.

More Hand Embroidered gift bags (and bookmarks, etc..) from Gaza

The embroidered bags were such a huge hit - sold out within a week around Christmas time that we had to get them back.  The bags are from Gaza and produced by Atfaluna (Arabic for our children), an educational, training and care institution for deaf children and adults.  Zatoun returns all proceeds to Atfaluna to assist with its mission and programs.  Please visit the Atfaluna site for more information.

Improved Order Process & Simplified Shipping & Online Payment

Please visit the order page which will take you to US or Canada order form.  Note the maps and unified shipping zones.  For the sake of simplicity and clarity (yours and ours) it was important to move to zone shipping. Zatoun is subsidizing shipping costs to rural and extreme locations in North America because it is important that Zatoun be as affordable as possible to all people and / or organizations.

Also, our online payment system involves emailing electronic invoices for payment via credit card through PayPal's gateway site.  You do not have to be a PayPal member or have an account.  Pay securely online with all major credit cards.

Articles on Zatoun & Related Work

This year has seen a burst in media activity - Zatoun's first sustained exposure. Please visit our articles page to see the following:

"Trees for Life - Upcoming Planting in Dec & January"

The planting season is coming up soon. Zatoun hopes to forward at least $35,000 this year plus "broker" $1000's more from supportive organizations. Last year, Zatoun's proceeds and direct contributions from donors enable the planting of 8,000 tree saplings in appx. 300 farmers in the areas of Jenin, Nablus and Salfit. For the coming planting season we may be able to almost double that amount to 15,000 saplings.

Loan Guarantee fully subscribed

Our guarantee for $60,000 loan was fully covered and we have almost paid back half the amount already. The ordering and payment process will begin in December for 2008 order. Thank you to the many guarantors who agreed to lend support in this unique way. It enabled Zatoun to grow in 2007 by helping our cashflow.

** Always needed ** HELP! Volunteer Help - New Section on Website

We need help from volunteers.  Please see a list of the many varied and wonderful ways you can help Zatoun.  Please visit to see what appeals to your sensitivities and talents.  There is bound to be something for you - let's talk about it.

Thank you so much, we look forward to your support and great success in the closing months of 2007.


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Even if you are at war with a city...you must not destroy its trees for the tree of the fields is man's life.

Deut. 20: 19-20

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