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Zatoun welcomes frequent, open and diverse communication.  It is at the centre of a community-oriented project which depends on the goodwill efforts and support of people to further its mission to connect us through products, projects and education to the search for just peace in Palestine-Israel.

Let us know what we can do better or more and different or new. Zatoun has been able to thrive only with the help of  people who have given of their energy, talent and time.

Submit a comment, review, suggestion, concern, an issue, a question, request for information or contact – anything really – and Zatoun will use its network of contacts and volunteers to help or find an answer.

Let’s hear from you!

Groups or Organizations
Who want to promote and work with Zatoun in their local events.

Activists or Volunteers
Looking to connect with Zatoun network and community.

Olive oil / Palestine lovers
Want to enjoy authentic Palestinian olive oil and za’atar.

Retailers or depots
Who want to offer Zatoun to their customers or neighbours.

Ideas, Comments, Questions, Improvements
To make this project work better for everyone.

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Toll-free: 1-866-294-9729

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Hope you like the colourful look and airy feeling of Zatoun's new home. Try the new shopping cart approach.  Enjoy the new features including the extensive resource links.  Please excuse instances of "check back soon" as we work to complete the many features.

Very happy you are visiting - Thank you!

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Supporters and customers feel very strongly about Zatoun and everyone has a "My Zatoun" story. Ordinary stories make an extraordinary difference because they help build shared experience, vision and action. Please submit yours – people will love to read.

Thank you for sharing.

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