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A learning community

Learning is at the core of Zatoun’s mission.  Importing and selling olive oil is not enough to change a situation of world importance.  Zatoun aims to connect people with the land and people of Palestine so they can begin to understand the actual history and challenges and to become part of a just resolution to a grievously unjust situation.  

In the media, Palestine/Israel is portrayed as “complicated” implying that it is beyond most people’s capacity to understand and so do not even try.  Zatoun believes it is not complicated only that there is lots to know.  Our goal is to help Canadians and Americans become informed and implicated.  One of Zatoun’s key slogans is “experience, learn, share.”  Experience through its products and develop a connection, become sufficiently interested to self-educate and then share that knowledge and insight with others, be they family or friends, newspaper editors or political leaders. For too long not-knowing or ignorance has stood in the way of a just peace for Palestine/Israel.

Please visit the extensive links below to learn about many aspects of the situation – the history, the present so that you can become part of its future.