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“The idea of Project Hope was born in the midst of the Second Intifada. After-school activities were the best way to keep children away from the streets, from danger. To normalize their lives as much as possible.”

 Samah Atout, co-founder

“The international volunteers are able to help children to play, to have fun, to live everyday lives. They give them stability when the world has been so often shattered around them.”

 Jeremy Wildeman, co-founder

Helping Palestinian youth in refugee camps using arts and education

Project Hope is a long-term partner of Zatoun going back to the first batch of oil in Spring 2004 when Zatoun was looking for a project in Palestine to donate its sales proceeds to.  A chance meeting with Jeremy Wildeman, a co-founder of Project Hope, created the giving opportunity which has lasted to the present.  Zatoun has been the longest, continuous supporter of Project Hope.  Although other agencies or organizations have made greater annual contributions they were usually for limited term or number of years.  Over the entire period Zatoun has contributed almost $250,000.

The youth of Palestine has been and remains in distress.  Every passing month of occupation adds to the hardship and trauma. They have nothing to engage them or to look forward to as the educational structure and recreational opportunities have been shattered by decades of strife and depravation brought on by military occupation.

Through the expressive arts (art, music, drama) and literacy programs (English and French as second languages, as well as computer) Project Hope brings a renewed spark of hope to some of the hardest hit areas in Palestine.

Founded in 2003 by a Palestinian woman and a Canadian man, Project Hope is an on-the-ground initiative administered and operated by Palestinians working with international volunteers and local Palestinian teachers to help bring, fun, learning and healing to young people (from early grades into high school).  The alumni number over 1,500 international volunteers who have had lived the reality first hand and came back to share their experience with family and friends.  Many have gone on to do important academic, journalist and activist work.

More About Project Hope

Project Hope is a non-profit volunteer organization working in Nablus, Palestine.  Project Hope is committed to the principles enshrined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child and international humanitarian law.

Its mission is to lend support to children living in conflict zones or under conditions which deny them access to basic learning experiences needed by every child in order to develop into a healthy and well-balanced individual. It makes special efforts to reach children in poorer and neglected areas such as refugee camps. It provides educational activities, recreational opportunities, and practical training to empower children with skills and give hope for the future.

Project Hope’s programs are offered year-round: after school, on weekends and during summer vacations. Programs are carried out by a small Palestinian staff supported by local and International volunteers.  At Project Hope, local Palestinians and internationals work together in administration, designing programs and leading classes. 

Project Hope seeks leadership from the community to better understand local problems and use local initiative to solve them while providing outside support in the form of advice and international resources. In the spirit of co-operation and to maximize budgets programs are provided in partnership with existing local organizations.

Project Hope values every person’s contribution regardless of religion, ethnicity, gender, colour or class. Palestine’s youth is in danger of becoming a lost generation.  Helping today’s youth is essential if there is to be a healthy, vibrant Palestinian society living in peace.

To learn more about Project Hope, please visit their website.

To donate to Project Hope directly, please use this link which gives separate donation channel for US and Canada. Click here.

Donations from Canada or US are issued a tax-deductible receipt for respective country.

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