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Helping Zatoun stay affordable and accessible

When ordering Zatoun products, please consider making a “Sustain Zatoun” – Voluntary Top-Up.

In 2017, Zatoun introduced the “Sustain Zatoun” – Voluntary Top-Up – to help keep us keep prices low and “Made in Palestine” products affordable and accessible to the grassroots community.  

The price has remained unchanged since 2008 – $240 for a case of 750mL bottles and $190 for 500mL case (shipping included).

Expecting to get a “yes” response, when ordering many people ask the reasonable question “Have your prices gone up?” So far Zatoun has been able to respond, “no, price have not gone up!”   This becomes increasingly difficult with every passing year. After 10 years of cost increases to the raw products themselves, the supporting services (transport, postage, storage, sales taxes, supplier fees, etc.) Zatoun is nearing the breaking point.  Despite these pressures, Zatoun continues to contribute appx. $35,000 each year to planting olive trees and to Project Hope to run art and educational programs to Palestinian youth in refugee camps.

In the spirit of community and sharing equally, Zatoun began with the principle that any supporter in North America should pay the same for the oil regardless of where they live.  Fourteen years later this is still the principle, even as we struggle mightily to keep it. We charge a flat $30 shipping fee on all cases of oil regardless of shipping distance. For a great majority of orders the cost actually exceeds $30 and in some cases by $15 to $25 for shipment at extremities of the continent or on remote islands requiring ferries, etc.

We need to ask our supporters for help – purely voluntary – to keep Zatoun the best value for exceptional quality olive oil.  If you appreciate Zatoun’s spirit of giving and are able to keep it sustainable – please make a voluntary Top-Up to Sustain Zatoun with your order.  We suggest $20 per case (equivalent of one bottle) but it can also be in any amount (less or more). Your “Top-Up” amount can be added to the purchase via cheque, e-transfer, credit card or cash.  When finalizing the “order cart” you will see an empty box for “Sustain Zatoun.” Your consideration and support is most appreciated.

Thank you for helping Zatoun to stay accessible to supporters across the continent.

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