Zatoun Trees for Life

Trees for Life

Help plant peace in Palestine – three olive trees at a time.


Zatoun Project Hope

Project Hope

Help bring joy and smiles to Palestinian children in refugee camps.


Zatoun Donate

Sustain Zatoun

Help Zatoun products stay accessible and affordable.


Donate to Zatoun

Donate to Zatoun

Support Zatoun with a direct donation.


Many ways to care

From the beginning Zatoun has sought to benefit as many groups and people as possible from its activity importing, promoting and selling symbolizing products from Palestine.  Part of Zatoun’s vision was to contribute by sourcing “fair trade” products to care for the land and the people fairly.  It also set out to create a surplus from sales proceeds to “give back” to benefit farmers and the Palestinian youth. Zatoun did this with the very first batch of olive oil in spring 2004. It has contributed almost $500,000 since then to two major projects and smaller amounts to a variety of others.

Zatoun’s giving is not limited to usual “1% of profits.”  Over its life Zatoun has contributed almost 10% of total sales. You can join Zatoun in giving generously – show your care for partner projects by learning more about them and donating to them directly over and above what is automatically contributed through the sale of Zatoun olive oil.

Our main projects supported by Zatoun are Trees for Life Palestine and Project Hope.  You will also find a new program called Sustain Zatoun to help keep Zatoun affordable and accessible to supporters in Canada and US.  And finally, there is the straight ahead “donate to Zatoun” option.  Zatoun is grateful for any program or combination you wish to support.

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